Offset Plates

JDC have been supplying printing plates for the past 25 years and had been the leading supplier for the industry with in-depth knowledge in the pre-press technology.

We gained sufficient experience with the most respected manufacturers in Japan such as Mitsubishi and later DIC. Due to the shift in the market for  complete digital process (CTP) the developments in the conventional plates became almost to a standstill. Meanwhile manufacturers from the Asian region (China and Taiwan) were able to produce a reasonable quality plates (at much cheaper prices than one time suppliers from the developed nations) that still meets the standards of today’s offset printing.

In China they are many (more than 50) manufacturers of the conventional offset plates manufacturers. It had been tough for us to have shifted from Japanese quality to the far east countries origin plates. The most challenging was to have found the best partner who understood how important to supply quality and consistent products to the industry. 

Today we are still proud to say to be the number one quality supplier of plates to the industry at reasonable prices. Last but not least, JDC will keep on working with its suppliers worldwide for the advanced products, such as Violet and Thermal CTP plates.

  • High resolution printing
  • Special Hydrophilic treatment --- clear development and reduce scum
  • Superb ink/water receptivity----with max ink minimum water
  • Vacuum assistant layer---- easy for vacuum drawdown, helping expose fine halftone dots



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