For over a century, tesa has been the proven partner to industrial companies and skilled trades. Tesa’s products are in use in millions of applications throughout North America and around the world. tesa is pioneering adhesive technologies with solutions that are innovative, reliable, and exemplary in their safety. tesa -- providing adhesive tape solutions beyond the roll of tape!

Printing Market

tesa leads the way in customer satisfaction and process improvement in the wide world of print. From repulpable and transfer tapes for flying and zero-speed splices in the commercial print and newspaper industries, to a complete range of platemounting tapes for the flexible packaging and label printing markets, tesa sets the standard for product quality and innovation.

tesa 52017 15 mil Softprint Steelmaster
tesa 52017 is a double-sided foam tape for mounting photopolymer plates in narrow and web film and paper flexoprinting. Due to its lower density, closed-cell PE foam, tesa 52017 is particularly suited for high-quality process printing on steel cylinders.

. Thickness-mils - 15
. Adhesion-oz/in - 23
. Adhesive - Acrylic

tesa 52382


tesa 52382 is a high performance 15 mil closed cell PE foam platemounting tape, specifically engineered to excel in combination print work. Embossed PP liner prevents air entrapment and facilitates ease of repositioning, and is designed for use with today's photopolymer printing plates.

·  Thickness-mils - 15
·  Adhesion-oz/in - 22
·  Adhesive - Acrylic

tesa 51914

tesa 51914 is the industry standard for aggressive tack and secure holding power for flying splices in the paper and print industries. Technically advanced, tesa 51914 combines a fully repulpable backing and liner to meet the most critical application demands.

·  Thickness-mils - 3.2
·  Adhesion-oz/in - N/A
·  Adhesive - Acrylic
·  Temp. Resist.F/C - 428°/220°


tesa 52310


tesa 52310 is a 4 mil transparent film tape for mounting photopolymer plates on printing cylinders or on Mylar sheets. The specially developed natural rubber adhesive guarantees easy mounting of the plate without edge lifting and easy demounting without residues after printing. The structured liner enables mounting without air entrapment.

·  Thickness-mils - 5
·  Adhesion-oz/in - 55
·  Adhesive - Rubber


tesa 52325


tesa 52325 is the quality leader in 10 mil vinyl platemounting tapes. The unique rubber adhesive adheres equally well to photopolymer and rubber plates, and promotes ease of removal from plates and cylinders. The embossed PP liner prevents air entrapment and enables trouble-free repositioning of tape and plate.

·  Thickness-mils - 10
·  Adhesion-oz/in - 65
·  Adhesive - Rubber


tesa 52330


tesa print 52330 is a strong bonding, highly flexible 15 mil cloth tape for bonding rubber plates for solid print jobs. The flexible cloth backing guarantees easy mounting even on large plates. The natural rubber adhesive has been specially developed and ensures that even large plates can be stored without lift-off of plate edges and without slipping.

The structured, siliconised paper liner helps facilitate bubble-free plate mounting.

·  Thickness-mils - 15
·  Adhesion-oz/in - 45
·  Adhesive - Rubber


tesa 4563


tesa 4563 is non-embossed siliconized cloth especially suited for roller wrap applications which call for high surface friction and high grip. Typically used for evenly spreading tension across the web in the film, paper, and other various industries.

·  Thickness-mils - 16
·  Adhesion-oz/in - 27
·  Resistance Short-Term F/C - 302°/150°


tesa 4576


tesa 4576 Vent Tape

tesa 4576 is a highly elastic single sided adhesive tape, based on a PET/cellulose non-woven fabric in combination with an acrylic adhesive. It offers an extremely high air and gas permeability through the adhesive and non woven carrier.

• Venting tape for foaming processes e.g. refrigerators, dashboards, etc.

• Gas permeable
• Conformable and elastic
• Moisture resistant
• Waterproof
• Very easy to tear by hand
• Ageing-resistant
• Low unwinding force



A Wide Range of Tapes Tailored to Your Specific Needs

tesa provides solutions for the specific requirements of the corrugated postprinting process as part of its complete assortment of plate mounting tapes. The tesa assortment is comprised of tapes of various thicknesses of film or fabric, in combination with natural rubber or acrylic adhesives — always tailored to the particular application.

Postprint feature:

  • The correct thickness range for registration optimization
  • The right adhesive strength to reduce platelift
  • Optimized release liners for ease of handling
  • Various dimensions to meet your specific requirements

tesa® 52310
Backing:PVC¹ - Hard

tesa® 52315
Backing: PVC - Hard

tesa® 52320
Backing: PVC - Hard

tesa® 52325
Backing: PVC - Hard

tesa® 52330
Backing: Fabric

tesa® 52332
Backing: PVC - Soft

tesa® 52338
Backing: PVC - Soft

tesa® 52350
Backing: PVC - Soft

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