Printing Inks

JDC have been supplying top quality printing inks from our inception. We understand
how important quality inks that overcome the most critical issues faced by a printer today. 

We stock inks from world reputed manufacturers that meets today’s standard of:

fast setting,
high rub resistance,
rapid finishing,
excellent ink/water balance,
high gloss and
minimize environment pollution.

High-fidelity printing means printing in colour space that meets the ICC profiles with ease. ICC is the abbreviation for the “International Colour Consortium” which develops standards for working with colour management systems on non-manufacturer-specific basis. Depending on the type of profile, an ICC profile describes the colour reproduction properties of an input devise (e.g. RGB scanner), a monitor (RGB pixels) a proof printer (e.g. CMYK inkjet printer) or a printing press (a combination of the parameters CMYK printing ink scale, solid densities, substrate and the typical dot gain of a press).

As far as the ink types we supply, meet these standards, more strictly speaking, printing press profiles. They describe the optimum colour reproduction properties for a sheet-fed offset machine using coated and uncoated papers & boards.


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