The Meccanotecnica S.p.A group of Italy is one of the most renowned manufacturers of book finishining equipment. For the last couple of decades Meccanotecnica has been the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic book sewing machines and systems.

  Aster Book Sewing Machines


AsterTOP features three new cam boxes that have been redisegned and boosted: the two sewing drives now incorporates the extractor bar cam, while the feeder box integrates the hold down finger cam.
These devices minimize vibrations and maintenance despite high output speed up to 300 cycles/min. The secret of this model is increasing the speed by lowering paper stress. This has been achieved thanks to a new driving system, a new feeder squaring station and particularly by lowering the feeder speed and reducing the head register transfer.New sewing pattern with 19mm stitches and 28mm gap between them, virtually allows all the jobs to be properly sewn along the spine and, at the same time, it avoids removing unwanted punch needles.The signature extractor bar is of the latest technology: made of carbon fibre and it automatically adjust according to signature size. Furthermore it stays fix in place regardless of signature size, thus reducing operator settings.Keeping firmly in mind to handle books from 310x230mm to 320x230 mm, our designers succeeded in the task to increase machine speed but lowering paper stress. The secret has been to minimally reduce the signature transfer speed in critical area like the feeder and to trim down the paper acceleration in area like sewing register.

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Meccanotecnica is proud to present its new entry level model, the asterEL automatic book sewing machine, offering the same basic features and engineering quality found on larger models of the aster range. With the release of this new book sewing machine, Meccanotecnica brings top technology within reach of a wider range of customers than ever. The asterEL features an extraordinary compact design, with loading and unloading station only 1 meter apart. Ergonomic design and just one safety front cover allow simple operation and easy access to the machine.

Ergonomic design and just one safety front cover allow simple operation and easy access to the machine.

Max. mechanical speed 150 cycles/min Stitch lenght 19 mm
Min. size 75 x 150 mm Rated power 2,46 kW
Max. size 320 x 420 mm Standard voltage 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases
Available openings 2 above, 2 below + 1 Lap Air consumption (external supply) max. 300 l/min at 6 bar
Number of stitch positions 10 Net weight 2460 kg
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AsterPRO incorporates all the cutting-edge technology introduced by MECCANOTECNICA for automatic book sewing.The new active thread cutting system, computer controlled, allows a precise cutting action without pulling the thread, thus avoiding tearing of signature spine.The new 440mm spine allows to handle books such as A5 two-up and untrimmed A3. While the new 520mm (asterPRO/52) opens new opportunities for multiples-up books or oversize production.
A double signature extracting gripper has been added to make it easier to extract large sizes, even when using lightweight paper or floppy signatures. Moreover, the new four transport belts at the infeed guarantee soother transport of larger signatures.The swith between normal and staggered stitch (OPTION) is now computer controlled. In addition, a special device turns the hook needle slightly left or right in order to avoid excess accumulation of thread (looping) while running with staggered stitch.As an option machine can be equipped with fully automatic size change. The main component of this feature is the self-learning function; by machine starting the unit automatically recognizes the signature size. Consequently it automatically performs the sets-up of: the opening head, the transport system, the accelerator wheel, the signature registering device, the punch needles (exclusive feature), the book side knives and the delivery table. This option is particularly appreciated when change over time has to be reduced to the very minimum.

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Based on aster best seller models, this new EVOLUTION sewing machine will allow entry level customers to make one step forward to top technology. The asterEVO design incorporates the latest solutions able to fulfill demanding quality requirements. The asterEVO features a modern rounded-off design both from the front and the rear side, additionally a compact electrical cabinet fits nicely on the machine frame. The front guard automatically slides open making easy to overview operations. New design 2+2 opening head incorporates the lap opener, a programmable device for mechanical opening of signatures with high and low folio lap anywhere in the book. Already appreciated in the top of aster range machines, asterEVO features the possibility to program the height of the accelerator wheel to suit the thickness of each signature individually. The wheel speed automatically adjust to the running speed of the machine. The heart of the machine is still the sewing saddle that is 100% controlled by a camshaft running in sealed oil-filled compartment (cam box). .

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  Universe Digitaline

  Universe Sewing

This is a brand new model for the post digital printing. The sewing machine has the unique advantage to be modular, which means manufactured based on customer requirements. The originality lies in the simultaneous feeding of single sheets and signatures which are directly fed onto the transport saddle.
The originality of this machine lies in the simultaneous feeding of single sheets (which are previously folded and collated together to make a signature) and ?offset? signatures that are directly fed onto the transport saddle.
This combined feeding allows the mixing of standard contents with other personalized up to producing books all different each other.
A sheet sequence control system based on bar code reader surveys the operation and allows the machine autoprogramming, which gives a significant time saving and error free operation.
Signatures can be manually fed on the saddle as well.

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  Universe Inline

This is a brand new model for the post digital printing.The Universe Inline unit is configured as an backgluig/adhesive binder placed immediately downstream from the Universe Sewing book sewer.

The Universe Inline unit is made of four stations for the sewn books preparation:

- UNIVERSE NIPPING, that presses the sewn spine;
- UNIVERSE PRESSING, that presses the whole book (only available in combination with the UNIVERSE NIPPING station);
- UNIVERSE END PAPERING, to feed end-sheets;
- UNIVERSE INLINE BINDING, to feed the gauze and/or soft covers.


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