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Gretagmacbeth is a worldwide technological leader providing color management solutions for graphic arts, photography, digital imaging, paints, plastics, apparel, textiles and automotive, among other industries.

X-Rite, which recently acquired GretagMacbeth, is the global leader in color measurement and color management, offering hardware, software and services for measuring, formulating and matching color. The Company serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.

COLOR MANAGEMENT                                                         

Accurate, predictable color – from concept to final production – can change the way you work. Whether you are involved in design, photography or production, you need reliable color reproduction throughout your process. Choose one of our Eye-One or ProfileMaker solutions to color manage your digital images. To manage your spot colors, GretagMacbeth solutions ensure everyone is speaking the same color language.



Eye-One Display 2

Eye-One Display 2 is where reliable and affordable color begins. This powerful, compact monitor profiling solution is an excellent entry point for anyone who depends on accurate on-screen color. Profiling your LCD, CRT or laptop display means that you will finally see colors as they actually are. Establishing defined settings throughout your studio and at your customer’s site means that everyone will see your color the same way. Ideal for photographers, creative directors, publishers, and designers working in ad agencies and corporations.


Eye-One Design

Eye-One Design is the entry level color management solution of choice for freelance designers, small creative firms and small print shops. With it you can quickly and easily create color profiles for displays, RGB printers and CMYK printers. And with Eye-One Share software you can easily measure and share spot and PANTONE™ colors. If you are looking to get a better color simulation from your desktop printer, then Eye-One Design can get you started. When your color is critical, such as in high-end proofing or photo imaging, simply upgrade your printer module to take advantage of the full test chart capabilities in both RGB and CMYK output

Eye-One Photo

Eye-One Photo is the ideal solution for the RGB workflow of photographic professionals. Profile and manage your entire digital color workflow from input through output, including digital cameras*, scanners, monitors, printers and projectors. RGB printer profiling creates excellent output profiles which can be further fine-tuned using Eye-One Editor*. The included Mini Color Checker and ability to measure lighting conditions will help you look down consistent, reliable color in any shooting scenario.

Eye-One Proof

Eye-One Proof offers a sophisticated solution for CMYK print shops and design firms requiring robust color needs. Ensure accurate, consistent color from scan to monitor to proof and final print. The CMYK output profiling makes this the best package for anyone using a Postscript RIP. Other features include the ability to profile projectors, edit profiles*, measure and share spot and PANTONE™ colors and measure lighting conditions.



PM5 Photostudio   Create and edit profiles for all the devices used in a studio photography workflow including monitors, digital camera and RGB, CMYK and Hexachrome® output devices.

PM5 Publish   For prepress and publishing professionals that need optimal results from digital and traditional printing systems. Create and edit profiles for monitors, scanners and RGB, CMYK and Hexachrome® output devices.

PM5 Publish Plus   For CMYK-based multicolor workflows. Includes functionality of PM5 Publish, and simplifies and streamlines multi-color workflow with plug-ins for Photoshop that enable soft-proofing and 1-click separations.



CxF   The emerging standard for communicating colors digitally in the global graphic arts workflow.

iQueue   Streamlines color management workflow by automatically applying ICC profiles.


  Pressroom Instruments


500Series  Densitometers/Spectrophotometers (Ultimate solution  for process color to special color printing)

SpectroEye   Portable Spectrophotometer with extendable measuring head. Additional functions can be easily added with access codes. Ideal for inks and sheet fed printing (offset, flexo and gravure).

iCPlate II   Portable Plate reader for measuring both CTP and conventional plates.

iCFilm   Transmission densitometer for measuring and checking all types of film output.


From color specification to color formulation to final production, GretagMacbeth solutions ensure consistent color reproduction through every step of the process. GretagMacbeth’s solutions helps you reduce colorant consumption and cost of production, quicker approval on color matches and ensures consistent quality and increases profitability on every job.

Inks & Printing

Ink Formulation   Provides accurate ink formulation for offset, flexographic and gravure inks. Ideal for ink manufacturers and printers formulating their own ink.

Color Quality   Software for statistical process control and measurable proof of quality during production. Ideal for ink manufacturers and printers.

PlateQuality   Software for storing and tracing plate measurement data and images for quality assurance in plate production.


Precise daylight simulation ensures that you spot color discrepancies before your customers. GretagMacbeth offers two patented daylight simulation technologies –SpectraLight® filtered tungsten halogen technology for critical color decisions and seven-phosphor fluorescent technology for relative color assessment. Both offer unparalleled precision, enabling your entire supply chain to make color decisions with confidence.

Desklamps / Viewing Booths

SpectraLight III   Large viewing booth featuring patented filtered tungsten halogen daylight technology plus 5 additional light sources. Also available as overhead luminaire. Ideal for critical color evaluation of both large and small samples.

SpectraLight Jr.   Compact viewing booth featuring patented filtered tungsten halogen daylight technology, plus 4 additional light sources. Ideal for critical color evaluation of small hand-held samples.

Judge II   Compact viewing booth featuring fluorescent daylight source plus 4 additional light sources. Ideal for general color matching and evaluation of color quality and uniformity.


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